Jueves 6 DE Agosto DE 2020

¡No es lo que parece! Estas fotos harán volar tu imaginación, pero en realidad son “totalmente” inocentes

Con un simple cambio de ángulo la imagen puede significar todo lo contrario a lo que parece.

Fecha de publicación: 26-12-17
Por: Paola Guerra


Estas fotografías en las redes sociales demuestran que un ángulo malo puede tener consecuencias penosas.

Las fotografías son totalmente inocentes, pero el tiempo y la posición de los sujetos hace que todos parezcan algo clasificados X a primera vista.

Todo dependerá de lo que tus ojos miren.

At first glance you might think the girl in the background was caught on camera at an inopportune moment – but that’s just the photographer’s armpit you’re looking at.

What appears to be a saucy snap of a pneumatic swimmer is actually innocent

The man on the right isn’t naked – that bare leg you see actually belongs to his pal

It was a case of unfortunate timing – and positioning – for this hapless weatherman

This photo shows nothing more than an innocent palm tree – albeit a rather phallic looking one

That’s one pose we’re not familiar with! The angle of the shot suggests this man’s head has disappeared inside his fellow yogi’s bottom

It’s not what you’re thinking: This disturbingly phallic looking object is just German sausage

Don’t panic! This photo is just a (very) extreme close up of a closed eye

Double take: This innocent spa brochure looks somewhat X-rated at first glance

That’s a foot: Another photo that proves how the angle of a shot can change everything

Nope, it’s not as rude as you think it is: Look closely, and you’ll see the girl in the foreground has her legs crossed in front of her pal

Interesting choice: This pirate themed inflatable slide looks less like a ship… more like part of a woman’s anatomy

Suspicious: The rather disturbing looking object lurking in the background of this snap is actually a girl’s arm